American Book Fest Award Winners

American Book Fest is an online publication that provides coverage for books from mainstream as well as independent publishers and self-published authors to the world online community. 

Over their 19 year history, some of the biggest names in the industry have won a Best Book award, including Clive Barker, Brad Thor, Amy Tan, Anne Geddes, and Jude Deveraux. But, more importantly, thousands of self-published and independent authors have been able to gain recognition in the media world and have gone on to write and sell more books, embarking on a rewarding career as an author.

The American Book Fest is located in Los Angeles, giving it the unique advantage of being able to gain access to both the entertainment and publishing industries. No other award program has that advantage.

The organization uses industry judges to award new releases based on:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Overall appeal

The Best Book award, an annual event, features entries in more than 90 categories, with the goal of gathering media coverage and book sales for the winners. In addition, the Best Book award is aggressive in its promotion of those books to the publishing and entertainment industries as well as the national media and, of course, to readers all over the world.

A Big List of the Winners

2021 marks the 18th anniversary of the America Book Fest and on November 16, the American Book Fest announced the American Book Fest Award Winners in 90 different genres. 

The 2021 awards winners list represents an amazing mix of types of books from a wide variety of publishers and authors throughout the U.S. From novels to parenting and family, home and garden, and personal finance to cookbooks, diet and exercise and poetry, readers won’t know which book to read next!

Proud winners of the American Fiction Awards

This year’s category of Multicultural Fiction included a historical fiction about a time traveler who is transported back to the Yellowstone wilderness in 1871, enduring friendships forged during the Vietnam War, and Del Rio, a novel by author and finalist, Jane Rosenthal, that takes readers on a harrowing journey from California’s Central Valley to the violent west coast of Mexico in pursuit of a killer.

Del Rio, released in May of 2021, took top prize in the categories of Legal Thriller and Multicultural Mystery/Suspense at the 2021 American Fiction Awards. The novel as well as its author, Jane Rosenthal, have received high praise from Kirkus Review and Midwest Book Review as well as Carmen Amato, author of the Emilia Cruz Mystery Series, and Debra Thomas, author of the award-winning novel “Luz.”

From the Amazon reviews for Del Rio, it’s clear that readers from across the U.S. found Rosenthal’s book to be a compelling, fast-paced crime novel with captivating characters, authentic settings, and, best of all, lots of twists and turns.

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