Reader’s Favorite Review #1

Reviewed by: Keith Mbuya 
Review Rating: 5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review!

Trouble always seems to be lurking under Del Rio’s scorching sun in California, keeping the authorities on their toes. Apart from the gypsies, a rogue group coming back into town, District Attorney Callie McCall has her family drama to deal with. Her brother-in-law Jim Fletcher, California’s state senator, is worried about Callie’s gay brother’s whereabouts. Mike has quit his job at a prestigious law firm and disappeared alongside his lover without a trace. To Callie, the self-serving Jim would not be interested in Mike’s business unless it favored his selfish interests. Before Callie can figure out what to do next, authorities find a child’s body part on Jim Fletcher’s Del Rio farm. Callie discovers unsettling truths about Jim Fletcher and his ties with entities in Mexico. Callie finds herself treading a dangerous path as she follows her leads to uncover evil. Get yourself Jane Rosenthal’s Del Rio to know more.

This story is going to take you on a wild adventurous journey packed with action, thrill, wit, and suspense. Jane Rosenthal’s Del Rio is a must-read for lovers of crime thrillers laced with a gripping tale of dirty secrets, corrupt government officials, drug dealers, human traffickers, money, murder, resentment, vengeance, and so much more. Rosenthal forges an intriguing storyline, featuring ingenious plot twists and spell-binding cliffhangers. She colorfully brings Del Rio and Mexico to life with vivid depictions and uniquely captures the wild mood and setting of the west, giving a glimpse into the lives of both the commoners and the elites of Del Rio. Rosenthal’s unique style of writing gave the story a professional touch. Del Rio could make for an amazing action and crime thriller Hollywood movie. The cast is well-crafted, with their traits and emotions well-developed. This is a magnificent piece of work and I loved it. I’m looking forward to reading more of Rosenthal’s work.