Novel Genres

Mystery and Detective / Woman Sleuths

While there are a wide variety of types within this specific genre, one of the common denominators is that the book begins with a murder, which the PI, detective, or sleuth must get to the bottom of. There are variety of reasons . . . LEARN MORE

Crime Thrillers

A unique combination of crime and a thriller, this particular genre presupposes that a crime has taken place, of which the reader has unique knowledge. In these novels, the plot moves backward as the identity of the perpetrator is revealed slowly. LEARN MORE

Suspense Thrillers

In this type of story, the motion is not backward but forward in time. The hero (or heroine) can be anyone from a professional detective to an ordinary citizen. In addition, the identity of that villain is generally clear from the beginning of the book. LEARN MORE

Small Town and Rural Crime

Currently quite en vogue, this genre places all the mystery and gritty human interaction in the context of a setting normally viewed as “placid.” However, and these stories, it is revealed that still waters run deep, and the range of emotions is just as evident in any location. LEARN MORE


As the word suggests, this is a style immersed in darkness, espousing a dim view of society. While the problems of the world are heavy, the protagonist — driven by an internal struggle of his or her own — attempts to resolve just a bit of the overall injustice. LEARN MORE