Reading List

Highway of Darkness

Book Reviews by Jane Rosenthal

All you’ll need are a few essentials before you get on the road: the names of some great food trucks, off-the-beaten-track watering holes, a playlist for Spotify of local valley music, and a handful of crime novels. Just make sure your seat belts are fastened and your air-conditioner works. LEARN MORE

Winter Counts

by David Heska Wanbli Weiden

One of the pleasures of crime novels is how they transport you into secret worlds, places you’ve never imagined. And Winter Counts does this beautifully. Even coming to understand the meaning of the title, which refers to the Lakota pictographic calendar, is an unexpected gift. LEARN MORE

The Cutting Season

by Attica Locke

You may know Attica Locke by her Hollywood credentials. She was writer and producer on Fox’s TV drama “Empire” about a family of entertainment moguls. One critic said Empire combined the bling of Dynasty with drama of King Lear. It’s on my COVID quarantine viewing list, up there with The Crown. LEARN MORE