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You may see the title of this blog and wonder where we’re going with this. World War II was an undeniably horrible conflict that involved some of the most awfulREAD MORE

Like a lot of people, I’m glued to the Hulu series We Were the Lucky Ones, based on the book by Georgia Hunter, whose family members were Holocaust survivors, andREAD MORE

Decades after its conclusion, World War II remains a profound subject of interest, not only for its size, scale, and global consequences, but for its distinct moral narrative. Unlike WorldREAD MORE

There is geologic evidence showing that incredibly massive floods, called megafloods, have occurred in California every 100 to 200 years. These floods are caused by huge amounts of rainfall fromREAD MORE

If you lived in the Central Valley of California some 20-30 years ago, you likely remember an unpleasant winter weather pattern called “Tule Fog.” Every year, it would appear outREAD MORE