Central Valley, CA population predictions

The Central Valley of California is experiencing a tremendous growth in its population. According to new data from the California’s Department of Finance, population predictions for the Central Valley indicate that the region’s population is projected to grow by approximately 5 million people by 2060.

Affordability seems to be one of the factors that is motivating people to move from coastal and urban areas within California into the Valley.  Most of the people moving into the area come looking for housing, jobs, or both. Throughout the Central Valley, housing prices are significantly lower than in coastal and urban areas. 

Some new residents to the region, especially those who’ve moved to the North San Joaquin Valley, have moved to take advantage of those lower housing prices, but continue to commute to their jobs in coastal metropolitan areas. This trend is evident in the Sacramento Metro area where job growth has been fairly strong resulting in one of the strongest regional economies in California.

Where will they come from?

All of the Central Valley’s four major subregions – South and North San Joaquin Valleys, Sacramento Metro, and Upper Sacramento Valley – have seen a surge in migrants from other parts of the state, resulting in an increased growth in the Central Valley population. 

According to H.D. Palmer, spokesman for the CA Department of Finance, many people have discovered that they can move out of the Bay Area and relocate to the Sacramento region or the Foothills and get a more affordable place to live and/or a larger home instead of renting an expensive apartment in the Bay Area.

Los Angeles County is expected to experience a large decline in population. The county is projected to lose 1.7 million people out of its current population of 10 million residents. Where are most of those people moving? To nearby Central Valley counties.

The Department of Finance projects that Fresno, King, Merced, Madera, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tulare counties in the Central Valley will see most of the predicted growth of 5 million people by 2060 with the northern part of the Valley predicted to see a total increase of approximately 500,000 people.

A new life

While it’s true that Central Valley housing prices are much less than housing in metropolitan areas and coastal areas of the state, affordable real estate isn’t the only reason to consider a move to the Central Valley. 

The valley is within driving distance to three spectacular national parks. Food and wine are in abundance in this region of farms, orchards, and vineyards.

And, if you’re a baseball fan, you’ll be happy to know that there are some great minor league baseball teams in the Central Valley. For the price of a ticket, you’ll get the chance to catch a game at a real ballpark with real players and real ballpark food – a night of great entertainment for the whole family.

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