How to read a book on a plane… the right way

If you’ve ever tried to read a book on a plane, you know that it’s not the most pleasurable reading experience. Between interruptions from flight attendants and overhead messages, noisy kids, and the uncomfortable seating, it can be difficult to really settle into a book during a flight. Not to mention the space a book can take up in your already packed carry on.

If you’ve got a flight upcoming and you’re hoping to make some headway on a book, don’t worry. There are a few tricks to how to read a book on a plane the right way. First, choose your book. Then consider if you want to bring headphones or a clip on light to help you tune out your surroundings and achieve the desired ambiance. Level your head to ensure you stay comfortable while reading and prepare to enjoy your flight. 

The little things to think about

You may already have a routine for reading a book on a flight, but what about bringing the book onto the flight? A novel can take up valuable space in your carry on luggage and make your bags bulkier and heavier. Depending on what you plan to pack, some paperbacks can fit nicely with the rest of your things. But if you’re looking for guaranteed ease, you might want to consider an eBook.

Not only are eBooks smaller and easier to tuck into a backpack or suitcase, but they can be more physically comfortable to read on a plane. You can adjust the brightness and font size of an ereader, ensuring you’ll be able to read even in a dark cabin. Ereaders can also be propped up for virtually hands-free reading which may be more comfortable for some people. 

No extra luggage

The benefits of eBooks become clear when it comes to travel. Their compact convenience makes them a great way to enjoy reading during a flight regardless of the environment. Just pop in some headphones, turn up the screen brightness, and enjoy the story.

Not sure what you want to read for your next flight? Mysteries are some of the best books to read on a plane, and one particularly good mystery is Del Rio by Jane Rosenthal. This novel about a Southern California district attorney will have you hooked from takeoff to landing, and it might even make you wish your flight was longer so you had a little more time to read.

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