Top mystery books on Amazon

When you think of buying books online, your mind probably goes to Amazon. Though Amazon has expanded as a retailer to sell all kinds of products, the website got its start as a bookstore competing with brick and mortar stores like Barnes and Noble. Amazon still has a wide selection of books for sale, including classics and new releases alike. A quick browse through their stock will reveal books of any and every genre you could ever wish for.

If you look for mystery books on Amazon, you’ll find yourself sifting through titles labeled thriller or suspense in addition to true mystery novels. It may be overwhelming at first if you’re new to the genre and aren’t quite sure what you’d like to read. If you’re looking for help deciding what book to order on Amazon for yourself or a friend who likes mysteries, look no further. Here is our list of the top mystery books currently available on Amazon. 

Best sellers

The best place to look for mystery novels is Amazon’s best-sellers’ page. The page is based on sales and updated hourly to reflect the site’s most popular products by category. On the best-sellers page you’ll find classic authors such as Stephen King and Michael Crichton, but you’ll also find new mystery novels that are climbing in popularity as well. Dean Koontz is currently at number four with his new book Quicksilver, a best-seller following a mysterious man named Quinn Quicksilver as he flees from two government agents.

Another novel from this year that is on the best-seller list is Deep Sleep by Steven Konkoly. A tale of conspiracy and espionage, Konkoly’s book is powerful and high stakes. The story centers on Devin Gray, a counter surveillance expert, and his mission to destroy a covert network poised to destroy the United States. If you’re fascinated by political intrigue and intense spy conflicts, this is the book for you. 

Your new favorite

The Amazon best-sellers list is an excellent place to start your investigation into the mystery genre, but it barely scratches the surface of what’s available for sale. There are wonderful mystery novels and other books you can buy on Amazon that haven’t made the best-sellers list. Your next favorite novel may not be a best-seller, but that has very little to do with the quality of the book itself.

One exciting new mystery novel that hasn’t reached best-seller status yet is Del Rio by Jane Rosenthal. Named after the fictional Central Valley location, Del Rio tells the story of a District Attorney and her risky investigation following the murder of a migrant teen. The novel is fast paced and engaging, culminating in a climactic ending that makes this book a must read. So if you’re not finding anything you like on the Amazon best-sellers list, consider taking a tip to Del Rio instead. It may end up being your new favorite mystery.

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