Should you learn to speak Spanish if you live in California

Our world has become increasingly more globalized and interconnected. Being proficient in another language is an important skill which allows you to engage with your fellow citizens in a more meaningful way, whether they live in your community or thousands of miles away. When you learn a second language or even a third language, you’re better prepared to compete and have success in today’s global economy.

Take California, for example.  In 2022 the state was ranked at #1 overall for cultural diversity, according to WalletHub. Hispanics make up the largest racial or ethnic group in the state – approximately 40% or 15.75 million residents.

According to the latest census, a little over half as many Californians speak Spanish as they do English, and the language is deeply interwoven into society. By learning to speak Spanish, you have the ability to connect with so many more people and their communities.

Some of the benefits of learning a second language include:

  • Provides for deeper connections to other cultures
  • Improves your memory and brain functions
  • Makes it easier to pick up additional languages
  • Can be a big confidence booster
  • Provides opportunities for studying and/or working abroad
  • Provides opportunities for advancement in your career.

Do it for business

With so many Spanish speakers living and working in California, learning Spanish for business is an invaluable skill to have. Some of the reasons why you should learn Spanish for business include:

  • Spanish is a very common second language; more than 41 million Spanish speakers live in the U.S.
  • Globally, over 660 million people speak Spanish, making it the third most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and English
  • Many American companies are now exclusively hiring bilingual speakers 
  • It makes communication with international suppliers, clients, and buyers much more efficient
  • Learning to speak Spanish can help to raise your salary

With an increase in the number of HIspanic-owned businesses as well as the buying power of Spanish-speaking customers in California, learning to speak Spanish can really help build long-lasting relationships within the business community.

Do it for fun

There’s no doubt that learning Spanish as a child is a lot easier than learning the language as an adult.  However, learning a new language as an adult can turn out to be a lot more fun. You’re doing it because you want to, at your own pace, and when it fits into your schedule.

What’s the reason? You need it for your job, you want to travel and be able to communicate with the locals, you want to move to another country and become part of a community.  

If you live in California,  you can explore a new culture right in your own backyard. Try out your new Spanish speaking skills when you’re out in public, ordering dinner in a Latino restaurant or when celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with friends.

Living in California is all about embracing its diversity. That’s why people love California. ¡Aceptar la diferencia!

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