Why people love California so much

Every year hundreds of thousands of people move to California to make their home in the golden state. That’s without mentioning the millions of people who are merely visiting. Though tourism was down in 2020 as a result of travel restrictions and concerns related to COVID-19, the travel and hospitality industry in California has made a quick rebound. The total visits to California saw a 50% increase in the following year, demonstrating a return to the usual demand. But what is it about California that compels so many people to consider visiting or even living here? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people love California so much. 

Weather, Food, Music…

When asking why people love California, the weather probably comes to mind. Blue skies and shining sun make for a good vacation destination, and for some the climate is enough for them to want to settle down in California. California also conjures associations with Hollywood movies and the music industry, two things that bring people to the state from far and wide.

Speaking of people, another factor that draws people to California is the diversity. Most places bear the strong influence of Native American and Latin American culture, and throughout the state there is no overwhelming racial majority in any category. The largest racial group in California is Latino, making up 39% of state residents. The influence of cultural diversity is even more apparent when you look at local food and media. 

Exploring the state

California’s residents aren’t the only source of diversity in the state. In fact, California is very geographically diverse. Whether you’re seeking out beautiful beaches on the coast, a sunny desert hike, or snow-capped mountains, you can find it all in California. 

There’s also a lot of diversity in local media. Sample Southern California’s country music, often referred to as the Bakersfield sound, or head north to the Bay Area for an introduction to hyphy hip-hop. No matter what you’re looking for, California has something to offer everyone. Why not take a trip to see what speaks to you?

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