American Book Fest 2022

If you’re an aspiring or professional writer and you haven’t already entered the American Book Fest 2022, don’t worry. The “best book” and “American fiction” awards are still accepting email submissions with entries up until the July 25th deadline. Any book published between 2020—2022 is eligible for submission. Writers can submit multiple eligible books or one book in multiple categories, though there is a $69 entry fee per title submitted or category submitted to. Let’s take a look at this year’s American Book Fest.

American Book Fest 2022, July 15th deadline, email submissions, 2020 – 2022 

When will the winners be announced?

The American Book Fest 2022 winner will be announced nationally in September, though authors should know the status of their entries by late-August 2022. The best authors and books in each category receive social media promotion, a digital logo to mark your book as an American Book Fest winner, and the bragging rights of being an award-winning author. 

Furthermore, participating in the book fest puts your stories into the minds of hundreds of thousands of readers, and that kind of impression formation is invaluable to a creator. Entering can also introduce you to other authors to network with or, at the very least, provide you with a variety of new books to add to your “to-be-read” pile. 

Remember last year

Not sure if your book can measure up to the competition? Take a look at some past American Fiction Award winners to see what the standard is. The list of winners from the American Book Fest 2021 is available on their website and includes titles like Jane Rosenthal’s Del Rio, a riveting and diverse mystery novel. If you feel like your submission can hold a candle to previous winners, you may have a shot at walking away from the competition as an award-winning author.

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